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so occaisionally i will post things about me. i've done it here and here. today i thought i'd be different and post 50 things i'm thankful for, because i've had an amazing summer. and while it's not over yet, i'm pretty excited about the things to come.

1. seeing pj. -in the flesh. which sounds weird, but i haven't seen him in almost 3 years. and to be able to actually hug him was perfection.
2. meeting the famous mateo & bethany as well as rose, sarah, chris & annie, and some other friends of pj's. awesome.
3. jim. aka shimmy jimmy. getting to spend a solid day with him.
4. going to improv at geva
5. seeing an imax movie.
6. being able to talk constantly with jim- i don't think we had any sort of lull in that whole time.
7. being at the lake for an entire week with mom and brently.
8. the time i've gotten with b. this summer.
9. drive ins. which i've only gone once, but it was so much fun.
10. my car. who turned 100,000 two weeks ago and still hasn't gotten a bath to celebrate. (he will). he needs to be inspected, a rear blinker is out, the oil needs to be changed, and the AC needs to be serviced, and probably some other things. but he has gotten me all over this summer (as you can see), with no complaints. he's 10, he deserves a break. i'm just happy i have him.

11. my phone. it has kept me in touch with everyone, allowed me to text incessantly, and was incredibly helpful at the lake (as there is no phone, and no one else had service).
12. leah. she is freakin amazing.
13. actually being able to see her and shimmy jimmy in one day.
14. jean. i work with her at wegs, and we're looking at renting a house together. can we just say KATE'S BIG 3-0 PARTY IS ON!!!! (of course, we need to actually move in and all, but it's on)
15. family guy. nothing else makes me laugh quite so much.
16. my kids. esp. jimmy (not shimmy jimmy)- he is so excited about the 30 hour famine, it is amazing.
17. the possibility of working in one of the hospitals.
18. wegmans.
19. mike, shane, mark, steve, and melissa.
20. scholarships.

21. my mom. every. single. day.
22. my dad-in a completely different way. (my parents are nothing alike. its so weird)
23. AIM
24. myspace
25. the above for allowing me to find and keep in touch with old friends and people i went to school with that are now friends. i am amazed that i wasn't friends with these people the first time around.
26. wisdom.
27. mistakes. i've been learning a lot lately.
28. grief. same thing. not that i've had grief lately, but i've been learning from past heartaches and losses in my life.
29. my aunt susan. even though she is gone, i see the painting of me everyday and think how lucky i was. (that link shows you one of her paintings)
30. my cousin. who turns 30 before me and can assure me on august 1st that it wasn't as bad as i'm thinking it will be. (ha!) really, he's awesome. and michigan is too far away. so is texas. but that's not a thankful so moving on...

31. green grass. pj reminded me this weekend how lucky i am to live in a place where the plants are tall and lush and so beautiful.
32. little h.
33. my bed. after only 3.5 hours of sleep last night, i took a 4 hour nap today. i LOVE my bed.
34. the possible house jeannie and i are looking at moving into sept. 1. if you have been to my house, you know how badly i want to move. this possible place has 2 acres of yard, a pool, a firepit, we can have jean's cat (cuddles. the poor guy. i mean cuddles. the indignity) and i can get a dog. which i am thrilled about.
35. change. it terrifys me, but at the same time, it's really time. i need to change my life. and i think, for some reason, after this past weekend, i'm ready for it. thanks to my sweet peej.
36. the worm. this has provided me with the most amazing sunday school program i've ever seen. and my little kids are loving it. it's like the mcdonalds of sunday school.
37. lime-ade.
38. starbucks frappucinos.they got me home last night.
39. postsecret
40. this blog. and the links over there ->

41. warmth from the sun.
42. talking with people in my church.
43. camp memories.
44. nail buffers. you have no idea.
45. that if i work .. no, when i work in the hospitals, i get to wear scrubs.
46. that i am going to run in the breast cancer 5 k.
47. to write love on her arms.
48. clerks and clerks 2.
49. my brother. who i wish i was around more. he's the cooler sibling.
50. my God. above all else. because thus far, He still hasn't given up on me. and i believe He won't.


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