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50 more things about me

1. i can't lie.
2. i love books written by rosemund pilcher.
3. i also love tuesdays with morrie; the way of the peaceful warrior; what's so amazing about grace? the visual edition;
4. i live within a half hour of all my parents and grandparents. rick's too.
5. i think that cranberry juice is the perfect drink.
6. i'm trying to garden, but rick's better at it than me.
7. my dad is an artist, my mom speaks 6 languages, and my brother is on tour with green day. i am not as cool as any of them. but they love me anyway.
8. if you count higher mathematics as a language (which some calculus is it's own language) then my mom speaks 7.
9. one of the first kids i worked with while in college is a junior... wait, she's about to be a senior at my alma mater!! ack!!
10. the next thing you know she'll be married!!

11. my sweet girl, miss t. competed in a dance competition this weekend. i miss dancing. i may start again sometime.
12. her parents have the same first name and only met because mr. asked mrs. out on a dare. they are deeply in love and are a lot of fun.
13. they are awesome parents.
14. they let me be her second mom. i love it.
15. everything makes me cry. dances, music, books, movies, commercials, sermons, conversations-you name it and i can bet i can tell a story about me crying in relation to whatever it is.
16. i am ok with being an emotional person. it's sometimes inconvenient to cry, but it's who i am so it's ok.
17. my camp, camp wright, is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this summer. yay!
18. MAD camp rocks because maria is there, regardless of the fact that it's at shrine mont which i don't like.
19. leo is one of THE funniest people i have ever met.
20. i am almost always cold. however, upstate NY has suddenly found a heat wave and i am actually hot.

21. i have lost 6 lbs. in the last 3 weeks, miraculously.
22. i need to lose approx. 14 more and i will be pleased with my weight. i'm happy with me regardless, i just don't like the extra weight and feeling winded when i walk a mile.
23. i am always creating youth retreats based on things like comic strips and quotes.
24. i am up to about 10 different retreats basically planned from start to finish in my head over the last 3 years.
25. i've only gotten to utilize part of one in the last year.
26. i really like pistachios. i also love candy.
27. the mission is one of my favorite movies. i am especially fond of the music aspect of it. i also cried during it. amistad and the power of one have the same effect on me. gabriel's oboe is one of my favorite tunes.
28. i do not have any teachers lined up for the fall for sunday school.
29. nor do i have a curriculum yet because the one i LOVE, i mean L-O-V-E is $1000 for a 6 year program.
30. i am stressed about this situation.

31. aidan is my favorite boys name, and were we to ever have a son, i'd name him that. except i found out it's #3 on the top most popular names. which defeats the purpose of a different name. elizabeth is one of my favorite girls names, but not beth or liz or lizzy, zab would be a fun nickname for it though.
32. queen elizabeth I is one of the most fascinating women of history. for me. someday when i get to heaven, i'd like to meet her and talk to her. and find out what really happened with her and the earl of leicester.
33. her dad was a crazy man, but as the founder of my church, i kinda have to like him. he interests me too, but not as much.
34. i love that time of history.
35. i am working on some amazing graduation presents for the lone senior of my parish this year. i hope she will like them.
36. mc'd's fries are one of those sinful things i like to eat.
37. bialy's from wegs are another
38. i have hundreds of cd's and only listen to about 20 of them.
39. i will not get rid of the rest of them
40. i love bargains. but i will not spend money just to spend it, as in it has to be something i want or need (really) in order for me to be excited and buy whatever it is.

41. for example, the t-shirt i am wearing says 'i love mom' which is just cool. it was $1.38 at old navy. woo!
42. i have 5 email accounts. (2 hotmail, 1 gmail, 1 yahoo, and 1 rr)
43. i wear size 8 shoes.
44. i check in at all the blogs on the right most days. i'm often disappointed because people don't write that often.
45. i play so much spider solitare i do it in my sleep.
46. i also dream i am working. at wegs.
47. it's disconcerting. i should dream only of rick.
48. which i do during the daytime.
49. i used to love the show roundhouse. i wish i could get it on dvd.
50. someday i hope to visit ireland, england, the west coast, and australia.


7 - Wow - cool for you brother

Me too on #44 - why is that so many people seem to abadon their blogs after awhile?

47 -'re obviously deeply in love with him but that doesn't mean you should only dream of him!

50 - I really want to go to Ireland too. And Scotland.

I'm tempted to do a list myself but I feel like it's all pretty much on the blog already...maybe I'll do a shorter list later - like 25 things.

2:58 PM  

I believe I am #9! And no I am not planning on doing #10 anytime soon but when I do you better be there! I miss you girl!

11:52 PM  

Yay number 18!

3:36 PM  

sareet ~ #7- even better, he's finished his tour with them, but and this is an awesome possibility, he might get to tour with someone even bigger... news to come when it happens. i think i might be jinxing him. #44, i've vowed to get better at this. :) i keep thinking of other random things about me. like the fact that i eat tostitoes with cream cheese. or rick has a special ring on my phone. (i do dream of him!!)
amy ~ darn right you're #9, and i better be there for #10!! whenever mine happens, you'll be there too!
maria ~ i assume :) yay for MAD camp!

9:57 PM  

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