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50 things about me....

1. i am hopelessly devoted and desperately in love with rick
2. my parents are my best friends, after rick
3. is my favorite number
4. i am an episcopalian and proud of it
5. i love my kids. all of them. and will do anything for them.
6. i attended a small christian college in upstate NY where i was definitely in the minority
7. i am a democrat, and proud of that too
8. i did not vote for george. you will understand that the more you get to know me
9. i love love love jack russell terriers, particularly a small black and white one from VA named sage
10. i've had 3 heros in my life. my grandma, my aunt susan, and my mom. only one is still with me. thank God for my mom.

11. when i win the lotto, the proceeds will go to fixing my cavities, paying off rick and my's college educations, and any of our debts, paying my brothers college debts, giving $ to my parents for all the $ they've given me, going back to school to be a massage therapist, buying my jack russell, buying rick and i new cars, (jeep!!!!), and 10% divided between conklin pres, camp wright, st paul's, and my diocese.... and we'll see what i do with the rest.
12. i love chunky monkey ice cream by ben and jerry
13. i am still friends with most of my ex's
14. i have very few female friends
15. it gets fewer all the time
16. divorce sucks
17. so does breast cancer
18. diabetes isn't so great either.
19. my grandma made the best peanut butter with hershey kiss cookies ever
20. my mom does a close second

21. i am doing the live well, eat well program at wegmans, and yesterday at this time i had walked approximately 5600 steps. today, being that i'm at church, i've only walked 2400 steps.
22. that isn't good.
23. i enjoy reading
24. friends will always be my favorite show.
25. was not a good year
26. i love the muppets
27. i think sesame street is the most influential show
28. my favorite movies include the princess bride, mary poppins, alice in wonderland, shrek, shrek 2, & bring it on
29. i am trying to find the following people, if you have any info on them, leave a comment- jen grape, alicia adams, chris hopkins (although we keep finding each other & losing touch again), giles smith, karrie bunch,& carly albright
30. when i turn 30 i am having a huge party where everyone must dress like it is 1976 & have a red carpet & lots of margaritas- it's only 2 years away

31. i miss thornfield. a lot.
32. i am the luckiest b/c of rick
33. rick is the best
34. his family is pretty great too
35. i don't eat meat. only fish which doesn't count
36. someday i will probably eat chicken again. esp. if it's from brooks in oneonta
37. i love MD blue crab. with old bay. mmmmm
38. i drink water like a fish breathes it
39. i can't lose the last 10 lbs i want to lose.
40. it drives me nuts.

41. i knit
42. i got a guitar for christmas and plan to learn soon
43. my favorite hymn is how great thou art.
44. my favorite song (currently) is 'catch a glimpse of blue' by jared campbell (
45. for all the ads i provide for people i should be paid
46. one of my closest friends owns a lawn care business, empire lawncare and snow removal. call them, they're wonderful.
47. he's also an ex.
48. my car care center is bartholomews. they are fabulous.
49. son is also an ex.
50. sheesh.



I'm totally learningh how to knit too!
love ya!

9:54 AM  

Are you still looking for Karrie Bunch in Maryland? Let me know, I have her contact info.

9:10 PM  

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