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happy birthday steven!

24 years ago sunday my brother was born. my mom has a favorite story from when i was little and we brought steven home.
when i was little, and even now, i had a vivid imagination and feared the dark like nobodies business. i always had to have the nightlight in my room on and/or the hall light had to be left on and my door had to be open. i did not like being alone in the dark because you never knew/know what kind of things lurk in that darkness.

i personally now NEED to sleep in pitch darkness and cannot stand to have any light coming into my room at night (just ask rick). it's one of my oddities.

at any rate, the day we brought steven home, my mom took me up to bed, read me a story, and said good night. then she was leaving and the hall light was on. apparently i said 'mom you don't need to leave the light on. i'm ok because i'm not alone anymore.'

years later, i'm still not alone. steven and i have lived through hell together (our parents not-fun divorce), we've driven each other mad with pushing each other's buttons, and we've laughed more together then i think i've laughed with anyone (except maybe leo). we made up games, steve and kate, where we solved crimes and chased bad guys, we beat on each other, we learned from each other, we protected each other, we hoped and dreamed for each other... all in all, i have a wonderful guy to call my brother.

steven (or steve as he's known to the world outside of our family) is fun and funny, charming, disarming, smart, willing to try new things, protective of his family, a momma's boy, handsome, kind, generous, daring, always pushing limits, envelopes, and me, thoughtful, irritating, and awesome.

happy birthday steven. i love you!


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