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back to school

so i'm back home, back at classes. back to life without rick so much. stupid rit.

anyway. i'm dealing with my massive list of things i have to deal with that i haven't been dealing with lately. it's growing minute by minute it seems. one thing that isn't as hard as i thought was writing my essay for my wegs scholarship. it seems to be a little easier than i thought perhaps because i look at wegs as being an extension of me. i know it sounds ridiculously corny and all, but really, the people i work for and with at my store and the same kind of people i think i myself am. i think they are (and i am) good people, with big hearts, who are there for you, supportive of new adventures (i.e. school, guitar lessons, sign language classes etc), and of your family trials and tribulations (i.e. my mom's breast cancer and my own scare with it even though i have hyperplasia and not cancer). they are a wonderful group of people and i'm lucky to work at this store. i can't say it's the same in every store, because i haven't worked in any other store. but i do know that every person i am close to/friends with/connected to and consider that connection to be worth something is that kind of person. yay for my wegs.

on the other side of my lists of things to do, i have to finish the scholarship application (part 3) and get that mailed this week. i have to send transcripts to them and also to roberts so i can officially be done (long story). i have medical bills to pay and heat to pay and rent to pay and on and on. i have biology to study and guitar to practice and lesson plans to edit and a youth service to plan.

i'm feeling pretty lucky and pretty blessed with my life right now. and although i'm listing all those things as things i have to do, it's have to do said cheerfully because i am loving school, guitar, work, and life right now.


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