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brokeback mountain

i went to see the movie, finally, yesterday with my mom. it was good. and i agree with much of what my friend jason said.
i have a couple of my own observations that i'm simply throwing out there.

- i truly liked both ennis and jack as people. and therefore, i felt for them in their lives. the struggle they both had with living lies for much of their lives.
- it was an intense need for the other that i found most connection to, and really, saw my own need for one person in my life in their story. it was a connection between them that i didn't expect. intense is the only word i can use.
- the first 'love' scene made me a little uncomfortable, and i'm uncomfortable that i was uncomfortable.
- after that initial scene, i was comfortable, and felt compassion for these two people who needed each other so much. it was not, as many have made it out to be, a movie about two gay cowboys. it is a movie about two people who have something that many people never get. (that intense connection).
- i think both heath ledger and jake gyllenhaal are amazing actors, and saw them as these two people throughout the movie, not the actors playing a part, but as ennis and jack.

anyway, this movie also made me realize how far we as a nation have come in our acceptance.... and how far we truly have to go.


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