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oh my sweet little car...

i mean. do you hit someone's car THAT hard and then see it...

and THEN LEAVE?!?!?!?

wtf is that about? (and rarely do i swear as much as i have in the last few days but i am, as you can guess, livid).

i mean. seriously.

WHAT THE F***!!?!???!??!!??!!??!!?!?!?

who does things like this?

grrrrrrr. every silver vehicle, i'm basically staring down, looking to see if its a toyota corolla with a redheaded driver. so far, haven't found her. honestly, so mad, its probably better i don't find her.

at any rate. things otherwise are all right. school is going, my presentation is taking FOREVER to write, but its coming along and its not til tues. i'm including a clip from tuesdays with morrie and reading a couple of things (i think) from it too. i just have SO much info, really wondering what to include. need to meet with my instructor, go over things again with her. kinda...out of it with what happened tuesday. my paper is also due next week, and then clinical for 6 weeks. an hour away, but i've heard good things about this one, so i'm looking forward to it. (erin, i might have to stay with you and jason once in a while if this tuesday bad weather dealy keeps up-that ok???). as well, i really am feeling pretty lucky with things lately. i wasn't in the car, didn't get hurt, insurance will pay most of the $1600 (grrr), class is almost over for the semester-thankfully, clinical always makes me happy, its getting warmer, my beloved shamrock shakes have made their comeback, work's fine, brandon's home til monday (with his new girlfriend!!!!), my classmates rock, and there are some people in my life i am really thankful for. and some, ...i'm really excited about. :)

so its not all bad. (though clearly my english is right now...holy run on sentance!)


at least while my car is being fixed, i get to drive this....

he's pretty.... and roomy. gotta tell you though, it is weird driving this car, sitting up as high as it is in comparison. v weird.


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