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holy. bad. day.

so may car was hit today. while i was in class. by some girl. and she drove off. the entire front bumper-yeah its gone. luckily for me, there was a witness. and my school's campus safety is going to look through the system for the make and model of the car (no license plate...but still) and try to find her.
thank goodness for good samaritans.
and certain people...yeah, they make it better.

mostly though, i'm mad because i've had this car just over a year. as noen was destroyed in the floods. and i start clinical in a week and a half, so i just don't have time for this. or the money for my deductible.

friggin teenagers on their phones. ....she had to be going mighty fast backing out to do the damage she did. grr.
(pictures to follow when i get them).


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