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ok, and random posting ...

its v-day. and while i don't currently have a dog. i am for dogs. i love dogs. i love they're playfulness and the way they love you all the time. i love their smiles, their softness, their love.
i miss my sagey, lots. and someday, i'll have my own.

just wanted to share this video from pedigree with you. and agree with another internet blogger, molly, and declare today the international holiday for dogs.

amen sister. :) (i particularly like the beagle meandering around the side of something. what a cute hind end)

(i will say, i don't know that i think pedigree is the best food for dogs, but i like their commercials).


Dogs totally rule. And I'm loving the new layout.

9:33 AM  

thanks mrs cassidy :)

7:20 PM  

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