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seven sevens :)
(found on a girl named hannah's blog)

seven things to do before I die:

1. own a jack (*for goodness sake i hope its soon...)
2. travel further than i've been so far (and hawaii is pretty far...)
3. including ireland, the west coast, and alaska
4. get another degree, in massage therapy this time
5. get out of debt
6. live on a lake
7. become de-cluttered (i promise you all i'm working on this constantly...)

seven things I cannot do:
1. scale a wall
2. be evil (much to joey's dismay)
3. stop watching family guy
4. resist nap time
5. heal my own back (because i cannot fix my body mechanics no matter how much i know better)
6. stop texting
7. run

seven things that attract me to a guy (not necessarily in this order):
1. honesty
2. sincerity
3. kindness
4. loving
5. generosity
6. his eyes
7. his arms

Seven things I say most often:
1. yeah
2. so...
3. sweets (i tend to call everyone this lately. must find cute nickname for those dearest)
4. chaos/chaotic or any version (as in this is so unchaotic...ok, that ones a rarity)
5. really. or really? or really! (its kind of take over where seriously has left off with me.)
6. i yike it. or i yove you. (any jenna speak is fair game)
7. kidding!

seven books I love:
1. september
2. shell seekers (both by rosemund pilcher)
3. the notebook by nicholas sparks
4. the ramona books by beverly cleary
5. simple abundance by sarah ban breathnach
6. harry potter-all though i loved book 4 the most.
7. tuesdays with morrie by morrie schwartz with mitch albom

seven movies you watch over and over again:
1. princess bride
2. any family guy-which aren't movies, but they're all at my house, all on dvd :)
3. bring it on and clueless (over and over)
4. mary poppins
5. the mission
6. alice in wonderland
7. wet hot american summer- i miss camp.

seven random facts about me:
1. i love to text. if you haven't caught onto that yet. i find it unintrusive and entertaining. :) plus i can do it at work :)
2. i love surveys. (also like you didn't know) but i love to fill them out. they make me happy.
3. i consider myself to be fairly unexciting. luckily for me, my friends don't seem to think so. phew.
4. i love comedies. all sorts.
5. i'm pretty smart, but lately i've felt like i'm just plain not. its tough to explain.
6. napping should be done very day. i am a strong believer in this one.
7. its only recently that i've thought i'd like a tattoo, like to have a child, want to travel to alaska.

and for good measure seven people I want to join in, too:
1. amy (b/c she loves these)
2. sarah
3. peej (though he never does these)
4. bethany, so she'll post something
5. carrie
6. erin
7. sareet


If you are referring to *ME*, I have posted 3 times in the past week or so; however, you may not want to check it out because you will not like one of the posts. :( Especially because of one of *your* recent posts.

If you weren't referring to me...nevermind! :)

6:59 AM  

i don't get what i wouldn't like...
i am sorry about your pupper passing away. its tough.
i miss my sage-a-la :(
(unless thats what you meant... so confused)

3:01 PM  

Yes, I was referring to the post about my dog, because of *your* post about your love for dogs. Hope we're all clear now. :)

2:09 PM  

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