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said oh so well...

so i read dooce on a pretty regular basis. she's honest and open and i believe her to be a great mom. in addition, she battles chronic depression. and while i don't think i have the depression end, i definitely have serious, ongoing anxiety. i'm not currently on meds, haven't been in probably almost 2 years. but i still am very aware of my anxiety, how is manifests itself at awkward times, and how i am prone to tears that i cannot even begin to control. its part of it, i know it. it may be that mine is more an issue of an underactive thyroid. however, i'm pretty sure that they have checked that before and it was all right... i think its a chemical thing within my neuroreceptors. some aren't firing out as much as i any rate. my anxiety has been mostly under control. i am able to function pretty well, staying on top of things, not showing my nerves as obviously (for the most part... i know SOME people will read this and say 'you've got to be kidding' to i.l. and b shea-huch up. i've been doing far better than you know. and please trust me on this one)

at any rate, dooce's husband john wrote an awesome blog about living with her depression. how it affects daily life and how he responds to it. i don't think that it could have been said any better.
i wish more people would understand and would offer to listen, to help, to be there instead of telling us to get over it. i cannot begin to tell you how many times i heard that from my brother and my mom this summer. even into this fall.

i much... that they got it. that they tried.


I also read that and agreed. I loved dooces post about being humble enough to get help and how for some people that requires meds. I know this is something I have struggled with in the past and have had to swallow the pride at times and take meds.

Good for you being open and honest in realizing there are things you need to work on. Love you

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