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ah the new year...

so i've begun reading a book, natural cures they don't want you to know about, by kevin trudeau. while i see his point on many areas, i'm not sure that i agree with all, or that i'm about to DO all of them.

however, being that i am who i am, i have been feeling incredibly lethargic and achy sort of all over lately. not an achy-i'm-getting-the-flu achy, but general in my joints achy-ness thats with me all day the last few weeks. i would love to attribute it to work alone, but i know its more than that.

and so, i'm going to work on doing a candida cleanse and overall trying to follow parts of his plans for a healthier life. i am far less concerned with weight loss, having lost over 20lbs last year and managing to keep it off, :)!!! yay me!, but more with gaining strength and energy. and clearing my skin, which seems to be in rebellion stage at the moment as though i were 15 again. sheesh.

so the plan is to wear more white, get more fruits and veggies into my diet (which you know, its pretty much most of what i eat anyway), not use the microwave as much, walk everyday for an hour, preferrably outside (which today, IS GORGEOUS OUTSIDE!!), find magnetic rings (not sure about this one, but figured it can't hurt), follow this candida cleanse dealy (at least in part including this 'sweat thing'), and drink TONS OF WATER.

will certainly keep you posted. ...i mean, its not like i have better things to do what with school being out :) (yay again.... 2 weeks left of break, oh i don't miss denise at all....)


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