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oh a whole friggin month has gone by...

and not a post was found.
this is the shortest update ever.
1-LOVE my clinical. love my patients, love the people i work with, love the entire experience. mostly, i love my patients. singing to b. every morning is a delight, walking with r. is ... unbelievable, doing chest PT, working with my guys (and paula's guys) is just really amazing. if i could explain more i would, but you know, hippa crap. but really, if you could see the people i work with, you'd know. :)
2- my best friend was in the state over the last few days, and being on clinical (oh and really sick) i didn't see him. which sucks. loves me some peej! sad i missed me my peej. (ok, will speak properly now)
3- did i mention head butting with m? i LOVE my clinical!!
4- snow-its been coming down in the north east something serious the laast few days. i'm amazed the authorities let peej leave the state. dammit, they did. :( grr.
5- mom's making cookies-which means the kolachkis are being made and i'm missing out. oh glorious 7 day work week. at least i get to eat them!
6- t-shirt battle is on! my friend jeff and i are on the hunt for the coolest christmas-y t shirt we can wear at work. thus far, he's winning it.
7- b shea-working in natures still. yay!!!!
8- made the tofurkey dinner sunday-tis delish! honest. i know you meat eaters won't be as excited, but i love it-almost as much as clinical!
9- finally saw fred claus- adam and i went. not as funny as i think either of us hoped, and mike's name wasn't in the credits (nonsensical hollywood crap they're pulling) but still saw it. glad i did. waiting to hear when he works on something else we can actually see instead of ...well anyway.
10- watched a video of a total knee replacement so i can write a paper for julie. YIKES. i don't want it! will see it live in a week and a half. hopefully will be less queasy.

thats it.
did i mention loving clinical??? :)


i think we were all hoping the authorities woudlnt let us leave:-). miss you!

8:28 PM  

oh anonymous... how i know that is true!!

8:38 PM  

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