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you have GOT to be kidding

i understand that cell phones are easy, accessable, everyone has one, and they use them ALL the time. i see it daily in wegs, all over campus, while driving (which irks me something fierce), everywhere you go-people are on their phones due to their high level of imporant things to say.

HOWEVER, when you are in a public restroom, it is NOT appropriate to be on your phone. it is not appropriate to be in a stall, talking away on your phone while other -not talking on their phone people- are simply trying to pee. before a big freaking test that they are worried about.

i mean, seriously? seriously? you are THAT important that you must continue a conversation about what you're going to have for dinner whilst you pee? seriously?

what is wrong with people? perhaps you do that at home. perhaps the person on the other end of the phone line doesn't care that you are peeing and flushing the toilet while talking to them, but the OTHER people who are simply trying to relieve their bladders ...oh i don't know DO MIND that you're broadcasting their peeing to other people... i mean ... SERIOUSLY?????


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