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have just had it...

honestly, if this semester doesn't kill me... it has been the hardest semester yet. this includes all four years at roberts, where i pretty much had 20 page papers due every week for the entire last year there because between chappy, livermore, caton, basinger, and schlierf...i mean really, do those guys have nothing else to do than to read my thoughts on england? apparently, because that was all i did for a year. A YEAR! (oh wait, and i swam for my lifeguarding class...that was the only cake-class)

this semester however, no disrespect to the aforementioned crew, is kicking my ass. seriously. i hate coming to school but i hate missing it more, because miss a day, you miss so much that i can't even fathom trying to make it up. i think this semester is harder because there is so much information but also, i'm wearing out. and i'm working almost full time hours at my sweet little part time job.

this is all causing a lack of desire to succeed...which i haven't had in... ever. and so i don't understand. except for the fact that my long term goal (which i'm trying desperately to keep in the forefront of my mind) is to be in massage therapy. which would mean that THIS, while being a means to that end and is thereby important, is not the end goal and is therefore, in some ways and apparently in my mind lately, useless.

well that and one of my professors is just kind of an idiot. which renders dealing with her very frustrating. smart woman, terrible instructor. grr.


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