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very very long time...

usually i don't take weeks to post again. however, this semester is indeed the hardest i've ever had. and i spent 4 years at roberts. i spent 4 years reading and writing 20 page papers weekly for dr cullum, dr livemore, dr caton, etc etc etc. **this** is way harder. perhaps its because i didn't know anything about muscle structure or PT really before i did this, but good. God. above. i'm wiped out.

needless to say, while i'm typing my spine project and attempting to study, i will post. because i should.

school-is obviously wearing me out. its really more than i bargained for. i am hopeful that i will actually succeed at it, though am clearly struggling. i want to finish and get out and do this, but at the same time am really just hoping to survive this semester and hang on -if only by a thread- to my scholarships. i need a 3.0 to keep all, and although heading into this semester i had a 3.67, this semester could severely alter that. ouchie.

work-my department, that i love, went from 12 people before i left for hawaii, to 6 currently (its actually had been 7 up until 2 weeks ago-just want to point out how much work was being done, is now being done by so few). finally finally my manager was allowed to post an opening and has been interviewing. my hope is for my b shea or amy hos to get it. we'll see though, holly (manager extrodinaire) has about 20 applications for it. in house applications. :) everyone loves the organic people!!

apartment-i know, i've been in it since july. i however, after last fall, am wary. and didn't really feel like i could settle in until i felt comfortable there. finally got to some unpacking yesterday-most of my books have now found their way to a shelf and several boxes/bins are now empty. i realise its been a long time, but after where i was living and all that happened, it just seemed pointless til i was sure i'd actually be here a while. i am staying. the textbooks started arriving in the mail this week (also late late late) but its becoming home. finally. and it is a good thing.

pda- aka the stupid thing we have to buy- should be arriving soon also.

ok, am going to study. the spine project is actually done, i just need to finish typing, and the test tomorrow, far more important at this moment. more later. :)


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