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it is, finally, after a year of living in those 'other' months, back to my favorite month, favorite time of the year. i am relieved in many ways, though i will admit, this september is the first in a VERY long time that i'm actually kind of grumpy because of all kinds of things going on in my life. and its actually made me grumpier because its occurring NOW, in my favorite time of year when the air gets all crisp, apples are in season, its cooler, but not so cold i need to close my windows, ....usually i am way more at peace with life in this month than any other time of year. however. this september is really... unfun. school is sucky. i'm freaking about what i don't know, and we have to buy a pda which is just nonsense. in addition to books that cost a fortune. and i wish i was kidding. but spending $800 on books is just plain insane. when college itself only costs $1500... i mean hello.
but regardless, its september.
and that means all those good things.
plus, of course, my inevitable birthday.
and this year, 31, isn't as much freaking me out as last year. which is a plus.
and then there's this song.

which is the peppy, excited, enjoy life kind of way i feel usually in september.
(guess what i'll be listening to in the car nonstop?!?!?!? :) hee hee) and the dancing, well it just rocks :)


I posted, an old thing I wrote a month ago, but I posted. More to come in the future on a more regular basis. Hang in there, see you at home coming if you're there.

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