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survey time...
because work is relatively slow.

Finish the Sentances...

My ex... is still in my thoughts ...more than he should be. no closure sucks.
Maybe I should... move on. oh wait, i tried that. we see how well i messed up the moving on.
I love... bedtime.
People would say that i'm... kind, gentle, honest, and loyal.
I don't understand... having no backbone.
When i wake up in the morning... my back needs to crack.
I lost... my boots. and its very upsetting now that theres so much snow on the ground.
Life is full of... good things.
My past is... part of me. it made me who i am now. but it is past.
I get annoyed when... people touch my face a lot. or they drive really slow. or i'm not heard.
Parties are... all right. it depends on the kind of party. drunken extravaganzas are not my deal.
I wish... i had more money. not tons. not to be a millionaire. but enough to not have these bills that are hanging over my head and ruining my credit.
Dogs... are awesome. i miss sagey.
Cats... are all right too. again, it depends on the cat.
Tomorrow... is sunday. and instead of watching guys ram around a field knocking each other down, i will watch the FAMILY GUY MARATHON!!
I have low tolerance... of nausea. oh nausea sucks.
If I had a million dollars... i would do a lot of things with it. mostly, i would pay those bills, my brothers, and send my parents on vacations
I'm totally terrified... of losing all control in my life

and while i'm at it.....

Favorites survery

Number - 3
Color - blue
Day - sundays
Month - september
Comic strip - calvin & hobbes or get fuzzy.
Song - this is tough, but gabriel's oboe from the mission
Food- mexican if we're going for type, portabello mushroom sandwich at lost dog if we're going for one thing
Sport - basketball
TV Show - do you need to ask? greys. hello.
Drink - water or cranberry juice
Job - the one i've got now. woo!
Candy - heath bar
Ice Cream - ben & jerry's chunky monkey
Season - fall
Band - band? barenaked ladies & dixie chicks. artist- sarah mc
Movie - princess bride.
Soundtrack - either the mission or brokeback. these would be my answers if it asked for scenery in a movie too.
Website - how sad, but myspace.
Animal - sagey-kins
Sound - lately the humidifier. but usually, water crashing.
Item of clothing - scrubs pants
Word - seriously.
Scent - egyptian musk or laundry dried outside
Place - the lake


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