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while i'm at it.....
this picture's posting is LONG overdue. i am still working on playing with the digital and trying to learn the ins and outs of it. now that i'm getting the hang of it, ... here is miss carrie, myself, and my sweet amy at her and john's wedding.
i am so happy that i was able to be there and be a witness to her day with john (who seems to be a really good guy btw :) hee hee)
still cannot believe that both of these girls of mine, who i've known since they were 10 & 11, are now married. sheesh.

and here is the happy couple from that long ago day. they're still really happy too :)

john and amy k.


why do I look scared in both these pictures? Maybe because I was extremely tired by that point in the evening and my smile was painted on by then... but I was so very very happy you were there.

6:59 PM  

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