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and so it is....
that i have seen my leo, and all is well with the world. i strongly urge all who can to go and see the joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat tour.

if nothing else, to see leo, who plays dan & dances his behind off. which is good that he does dance that much, because he can still eat like nobody's business. ian and i went up to see him. we went to dinosaur for late dinner-excellent. even i, who doesn't eat any meat, ate a tremendous meal. i hope that his biggest dreams come true... they certainly seem to be on their way!

also, if you see this bus somewhere as you travel- honk and wave and say hi to him and his wild and crazy friends. they are very special :)


That bus rocks! Simply awesome.

Joseph is coming to Elmira at the end of February. I don't know if it's the same tour, but I really really want to go (I've missed the opportunity to see it 3 times now!)

9:39 AM  

you can always check through my friends on my myspace-he's the only leo in my life :)
he has the dates listed in his blog on his myspace, so you can check! its funny because i know i mentioned it to you ages ago, and was going to call you about it, but then had totally forgotten about it until it was the week before, so i was thinking it was too late notice.
will have to check the dates too, because i'd love to see it and him again :)

3:26 PM  

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