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am really excited this week.

going to syracuse to the oncenter to see one of my most favorite people, leo, in joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. i haven't actually seen leo in about 4 years. we worked together at shrinemont in virginia and he is SO fun and hysterically funny. i think i laughed more with him in one month than in most of the rest of my life. he is charming and outgoing and really just wonderful. so i'm really excited that i'm going to get to see him, and as well, see him in action. he is fabulous.

school begins next week, so this is a good way to end out this incredibly short vacation that i've had. have been incredibly busy lately with hospital hours and working at nights. so the vacation has seemed shorter.

also, i have had a digital camera for about 4 months now and have yet to actually post pictures. will be doing that soon, so undoubtedly there will be pictures from this weeks big event.

(OOH! also found out one of my friends is playing on friday night at cali grill- so despite living in the same area again, i haven't seen him in about two years. will be rekindling that friendship a bit more on friday then :) yay!)


so bummed, I had plans with some of my friends to go see the Holiday next Tuesday. Just found out it ends in theaters tomorrow!! Now it goes into theater limbo before it goes to the dollar theater

6:16 PM  

doh! i hope you can see it somehow anyway, its SO good :) i don't think that most guys would be as into it, so making john watch it would be different. i would go and see it again though. in a heartbeat. :)

3:27 PM  

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