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Merry Christmas!

it is of course that time of year when all the last minute shoppers are out and in crazed form. (myself included) this means that they are all over wegmans, all over the mall, all over every store, all trying to find those presents that are perfect without knocking others over (it IS christmas after all). wegs is of course a madhouse. luckily, i am hidden in video, :) safe and sound.

but last night i went out shopping with my brother, and bought more than i should have, but succeeded in finding some gifts that i think are in fact perfect. :) yay! we also went out with some friends of mine and i, who doesn't drink at all EVER had 3 drinks, including a shot of something that steven claims isn't going to do any damage. needless to say, my head was swimming, i was giggling like a maniac last night, and am feeling like i'm a little out of it today. excellent. topping it off, we're doing it again tonight. rock on!

and it is a merry christmas in spite of, or perhaps because of all thats happened lately. i say because of not because i feel like all the chaos i've undergone has aided things being all right now, but because i feel that each of those events has lead me to a place where i am more grateful than i've been in a long time. i am satisfied with what i have and deeply thankful for my friends and family who have listened, supported, helped me move, given time, and just been there. and that does make this christmas merry


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