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about 5 years ago, i met this guy. he was the friend of a friend. he and i became friends, and now, 5 years later, he is more vital to my well being than i ever imagined he could be. at the beginning, he was my friend's other best friend. they were close, they lived near each other, they were something of a thing. she wouldn't ever talk about it, but it was obvious to all anyway. (yes it was). he was there, we would read each others' blogs, post comments, and had an understanding of each other that she couldn't have, simply because her parents are still a single unit. ours have, in different ways, gone their separate ways. he and i were adult children of divorce. and had that, which if you've lived through your parents divorce is HUGE, in common. but really, for a while our communication was kind of vague, somewhat through her or the internet.

and then, as things do, it all changed.

he has become, in the last 3 years, my best friend. someone i talk to, turn to, look up to, need in my life, and love like nothing else. we hadn't even seen each other in 3 years until august, but our communication had grown, our connection had gotten so strong, ...what we have, i can't even compare to anything before, because it is so unique, and so precious to me. peej is kind, thoughtful, honest and sincere. he is sweet and loving, he says all the right things, but means them (being honest and all). he thinks deep. he shares it. he's willing to share it, which in some ways is terrifying probably much more to him than anyone of course, but he does it anyway. getting the fears, hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations- all of it- out into the universe. speaking out his truth has helped me see so much about myself, my own worth, that without him i would be a very different person. and learning about who he is- being given that depth... its amazing.

he is fiercly protective of his sisters, mom, and lady friends. me included. he is the brother we'd all love to have, the husband we're all looking for, the best friend we all deserve and want.

and everyday i am thankful for him in my life.

i love you peej.


Hi Kate...that was a wonderful post about my brother. Thank you!

12:52 AM  

i do not believe that there is a gift on this earth that would top the early Christmas present you have given me.

thank you kate, for your words.

you have no idea how much they mean.

6:10 PM  

i am only telling the truth about who you are to me.
love you.

10:14 AM  

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