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i don't know who wrote this- it was on postsecret this week. but i know it ties to this whole thing of to write love on her arms.

which i've become deeply committed to. because of gary. who never cut, who didn't have an eating disorder, but who had depression big enough to kill him.

i will never get the cutting or understand the destruction of oneself in such a way. ...but i get the reason for finding strength in anothers love. my own scars, my own demons... i can face daily because i have a few people who love all of me, including them. and it makes life better.


I was hoping I'd see a Pj-less picture of me and you up here. SOOO good to see you, thank you so much for coming. Love you.

1:59 PM  

new camera dear heart- i am still trying to figure out how to put them online.
i'm slow- sorry.
but LOVED being there!!!
and i love you :)

9:34 AM  

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