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this has been a tough year for my wegmans family. we have lost many people this year, either people who actually worked with me at the store, or were close family members (parents or children) of those i worked with. of my group of friends at the store, 7 have lost an immeadiate family member since january. 2 in my department. and in a department of 8...
well, you get the drift.

this week, my friend/sort of ex- jeff's mom passed away. she was one of the sweetest people, and also in her own way, a difficult lady. she had her way of doing things and definitely wasn't out to make life difficult, but if it didn't fit into her plans, she let you know. i always enjoyed her company, but knowing a good chunk of her family means you get the inside scoop on things too.

jeff is the youngest of her children, and he took on the responsibility of caring for her for the last 11 years. that meant she lived with him and he couldn't be away too long, he tried to appeal to her whims, and drove her places, gave up time with friends, and so on and so on. there's a lot of story to this, but i think its not up to me to share.

the thing i find most amazing is how selfless he was. i love my parents, and probably in the same situation i would do the same, but i think i'd be far more difficult about it, grumpy about taking care of someone else or unable to navigate the healthcare system that he did for her all with the patience of mother theresa. you know, my general fussy-ness about things probably wouldn't allow such behavior. he has been a very good son, doing so much for her that required almost all of his time and energy and effort. especially over the last few months.

i saw him today. for just a few minutes, just to listen for a little while and try to offer support. knowing there isn't much anyone can say to make anything feel any better. i was at least able to remind him that he has done so much-no mother could have asked for more in a child at this kind of a time. i hope someday sooner rather than later, he can see how wonderful he really is, and how much he did show he loved her.

i hope someday, i have the opportunity to tell my mom that i love her that much too.


Wow...I am sorry to hear that you hav e had to deal with all of that.
It's is hard enough losing someone you know but that many in such a short period of!

Thanks for the comment on the bridge picture.
Just to let you know, that wasn't a plant, it was a hand-blown glass sculpture by Dave Chihuly. He is an AMAZING artist and he does display's in gardens.
Check out his website, it's worth it!

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