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20 favorite things to do:
1. nap
2. read
3. movie night on wed's
4. be with family
5. hang out with my kids
6. texting or IMing.
7. succeed at physics
8. sad as it may be, work
9. drive
10. have i mentioned napping?
11. sunday nights with erin, shane, bra, amy, and sean ;)
12. happening weekends
13. be silly with erin-so excited for moving in!
14. anything about THE HOUSE!
15. be with my mom -baking soon!!!!
16. knit-when i have time
17. reading blogs-sometimes its the main form of keeping up... sad isn't it?
18. hanging out with b
19. singing. but mostly to myself.
20. oh and napping. love that.

19 things you did this week (past 7 days only):
1. found out i got a 97 on a physics test and a 92 on a pta test -WOO!
2. played apples to apples with my kids
3. cleared up possible housing issues with future roomies -i think
4. studied, lots.
5. talked to my mom and andreas who are in germany
6. worked a lot
7. watched a movie with, cuddled, kissed & slept beside the most handsome man ever. 4 times.
8. lost my car to flooding-along with pretty much everything in it. dammit.
9. played way too much tetris
10. signed a lease for THE HOUSE!
11. worked on this list. which is much longer than you'd think.
12. did a lot of physics
13. talked to the insurance company, total loss recovery, a rental agency, and the towing service
14. drove 3 different vehicles in 3 days.
15. acquired a boyfriend
16. realized how much i have to do before the semester ends
17. had a girl-visit to the doctors. i hate those.
18. bowled. i mean it was sunday...
19. studied some more.

18 people you find attractive:
1. sean
2. my sweet peej
3. b (it shouldn't matter that he & peej are my best friends should it?)
4. mcdreamy *sigh*
5. tr knight/george o'malley
6. justin chambers/alex karev
7. julia stiles
8. sarah mc
9. jake gyllenhaal
10. meg ryan
11. j
12. kate walsh
13. bing crosby
14. billie joe armstrong. what is it about him?
15. orlando-but more as legolas than anything.
16. my baby girl t.
17. my friend kerry and her sweet little son b. SO cute!
18. this guy i know...

17 bands/singers/groups you like:
1. dixie chicks
2. lifehouse
3. the fray
4. jared
5. cast from rent
6. sarah mc
7. my brother
8. keith urban
9. howie day (i like his name too)
10. root
11. rascal flatts
12. melissa
13. buffett
14. bnl
15. eagles
16. stevie wonder
17. well sean too. duh.

16 favorite movies:
1. mary poppins
2. alice in wonderland
3. white christmas
4. just friends
5. bring it on
6. family stone
7. brokeback mountain
8. wizard of oz
9. elf
10. clueless
11. lotr trilogy- i'm a nerd. i know.
12. saved
13. harry potter movies
14. i KNOW they're gross, but i love johnny & bam-so i have to say the jackass movies
15. rent
16. princess bride

15 things you hate:
1. the alarm clock
2. the fact that i am almost always late to EVERYTHING
3. my anxiety
4. dealing with a certain work person who is grumpy way too much.
5. not doing well in school -which doesn't appear to be an issue, but thats because i am working my rear off for those grades
6. the loss of my car this week
7. that my grandma's not here anymore
8. slow drivers/people who have no idea where they are going on the road
9. people who are on their phone when its ILLEGAL IN NY
10. really bad movies-little man, i mean hello.
11. missing grey's
12. the current living situation.
13. not getting enough sleep.
14. a certain man named don. hate might be too strong, but maybe not.
15. people who talk down to or remove creativity & responsibilty from youth

14 things you love:
1. my parents
2. my kids
3. honesty
4. God
5. my friends
6. happening weekends
7. being episcopalian
8. working with erin, brandon, shane, and sean#2
9. mail- good snail mail though.
10. sean-well being with him anyway.
11. buy blue
12. school
13. myspace
14. being comfortable in my own skin.

13 favorite foods:
1. cereal
2. apples & cheddar cheese
3. pasta pasta pasta
4. salmon
5. anything my mom makes
6. kolachkis
7. perogies
8. chocolate chip cookies
9. starch.. i am in love with carbs. SO bad for me though...
10. soup-my winter minestrone is to die for. seriously.
11. clam chowder in a bread bowl
12. mexican. anything mexican and meatless. mmm
13. fruit. especially raspberries lately.

12 favorite beverages:
1. water
2. cranberry juice
3. root beer
4. orange juice
5. smoothies at wegs
6. i've become a fan of cosmos lately
7. tea
8. is it weird that i don't drink much more than those things?

11 tv shows you like:
1. grey's anatomy
2. family guy
3. simpsons
4. that 70s show
5. ellen
6. aside from those and the news, i don't watch much with any regularity
7. old shows- the muppet show
8. fraggle rock
9. robot chicken (not old, but i've only seen the episodes shane has on dvd)
10. roundhouse
11. other snick shows

10 things you want to do before you die:
1. live in maine
2. find the one ;)
3. get my dog for crying out loud
4. get massage therapy certification
5. become a wise sage
6. get finances really under control
7. find a long term career that i really love
8. learn to play the guitar
9. finish my 101 list
10. find inner peace

9 favorite songs (currently):
1. fix you- coldplay
2. how to save a life- the fray
3. have a little faith in me-john hiatt
4. anything sean wants to play for me
5. i want to come over-melissa e.
6. cowboy take me away-dixie chicks
7. making memories of us-keith urban
8. collide-howie day
9. how great thou art-traditional

8 things you can't do but wish you could:
1. walk on my hands
2. pay off my debt
3. play the guitar. which is a bigger issue than you'd think.
4. hug pj
5. go back & change the mess i made with ben
6. tolerate nausea
7. end depression
8. remove george from office. working on that with a lot of other people though.

7 guilty pleasures:
1. candy- lots.
2. nintendo- its really getting bad
3. reading non-school books
4. grey's when i should be studying
5. movie night for the same reason
6. naps
7. baths

6 people you talk to often:
1. b
2. mom & brent
3. dad & trish (but not as much as i should)
4. theresa, priscilla, brian, rob, & the other PTA people
5. my kids
6. work people-shane, brandon, erin, deb

5 favorite places to shop:
1. wegs, yes. i know.
2. target
3. sound go round- partially for the eye candy though
4. does online count?
5. eddie bauer

4 favorite places to eat:
1. my mom's house
2. lost dog
3. my dad & trish's house
4. cantlers

3 people you love:
1. my parents
2. my brother
3. my leah

2 things you want more than anything:
1. security- financial
2. a lasting, fun, loving relationship

1 cause you believe in:
1. to write love on her arms


Id like to hear more about this mystery man, where did you meet, who is he and such

5:22 PM  

go look for him on my myspace... he's my first. i met him through a friend, who is his roommate.

5:46 PM  

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