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so much for getting moved in...

so i was supposed to, while its nice and about 60 outside, get moved out of the current apartment and into THE HOUSE! however, my stomach had other plans. i'm uncertain as to what exactly happened, but i spent yesterday very very very sick. like, trip to the hospital, IV in my arm, lots of tests sick. rarely am i *that* sick. to make matters worse, my sweetheart is up north visiting family. so no backrubs or coddling. dammit. he comes home tomorrow, and hopefully by then i will be healthy enough to actually do some moving. despite all the tests, we don't know what happened. my thought is that it was something i ate at thanksgiving, which was probably cooked with meat or some byproduct of meat. meaning my stomach, which hasn't eaten any poultry, beef, or pork in 15 years, couldn't handle it. and hence, stabbing pains and lots of other stuff which i will spare you the details of... 'cause its just plain gross.

thanksgiving itself was delightful, saw much of the family and got to see extended version of greys with two of my favorite girls -amy and erin- both of whom are responsible for me even meeting sean <3- so that was awesome. and i saw one of my former kiddies from cpc, who i haven't seen in a while. so that was fun. i look forward to many more grey's nights with the girls. we SOOOOOO heart mcdreamy.


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