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update-a-long little doggies

so i've been in the midst of updating things -having now gone to the beta system with blogger. which of course means i can't post comments on anyone who ISN'T with the beta system. stupid thing. they didn't tell me that before i did it. sheesh. but regardless, it allows me to 'label' my posts. which means i also can go back into old ones and label them as well. thus far, i've discovered i write about my brother and b. A LOT. that'll get more worked out when i finish it all. i apparently whine a lot online too, so i have a lot of back-posts to wade through.

additionally, one of my favorite people from college, matthew, found me on myspace recently, and so his new blog has been added to the sidebar. hi 'thew! (furthering my nicknaming of people in my life....)

also, looking for a new place. yes, again. the house i'm in, ... well the back door doesn't really lock well, the neighbors are drug-types who allow their 2 year old to wander the neighborhood, and the landlady, as i've said, is crazier than the last. am looking to find a place with two friends from work, and we think we may have found a house, but we have to find out a few things before we sign anything. well, i do anyway. so another move is coming up- good thing i haven't really unpacked from the last one.

school has gotten better. for those who i've fussed about it to, they know. suffice it to say that my prof has way too much going on in her life. and tonight is a meeting for the local chapter of the apta so that'll be interesting. i think the seniors have to present. lucky them. maybe my cousin and maryanne will be here :) everyone in my class seems to know them. and see them, often. i haven't seen either since my birthday. how ridiculous since we live in the same town. sheesh.


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