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a VERY long time ago...

i posted a relatively... revealing post about myself. it was posted as a way to say something to my brother. who, if you know me, know i LOVE like nothing else. you also know, if you've talked to me recently, that he is a worrying sort of person. he's been doing some really amazing things with his life, he's also doing (currently) some things i wish he wouldn't.

or maybe its just because i am a worrier. either way, steven is both the light in my life often, and the bane of my life others. currently... he's being very uncommunicative with me. for reasons i don't fully understand, unless its just that he thinks i'm taking the parents side of the current 'big' issue. i miss him though. a lot a lot.

so where am i going with this post? what do i really have to say? some things are worth fighting about. some things are worth standing up for. and sometimes people need you to stand up for them. other times, taking that step back, really looking at the future of that 'thing' you're fighting for, standing up for, and the people you're standing against... and really seriously look. before you continue down this road, before you are bound to this path, this fight, this 'thing'... before you take one more step... please. stop and look at all of the big picture.

and remember that your parents and your sister love you so much. want the best for you. desire to help you. guide you. steer you away from our mistakes. please. realize too, your sister is pleading with you.


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