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a step away from the every day

a rant. yes indeed. i have a few.

for one, that ford commercial with the family on a weekend getaway... and then the dad gets out and thanks them for being invited. seriously, what??
my thoughts are summed up in this commentary. though i completely disagree with the final grade. the ad makes me sad. as well, leads me to think the parents are confused on whether or not they're together, thereby making things harder on the kids. as a child of this generation, where most of our parents are divorced, may i say, please don't make us hope for reconcilliation when we know it isn't possible. don't give us lies when we already had the carpet swept away. we don't want to go through it again. one divorce is enough to live through. this commercial is depressing. and does not make me long for a ford. so while the commenter gave it a B+ for it's forward thinking in utilizing a split family in an ad... this was probably the worst way it could have been done.

for another, if you are over 25 or LOOK like you're 40, please don't wear tank tops with lace and sequin sparkles. not for your everyday wear. its inappropriate and makes you look stupid.

ok. now i'm done.
a couple of things i needed to say out loud. the second one is really a matter of taste, i realize this, but really. ladies are wearing this. not that i'm thrilled with the big 3-0 less than 3 weeks away, but i'm accepting my age and i think for the most part, dressing it. sheesh.


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