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back to life.

i have found an apartment. that is beautiful and sweet. hardwood floors, big windows, open space, not a lot of storage (so of course i'm kind of freaking out about that), less than i pay now AND the heat is included!, woodwork around all the doors and windows that is original and in great condition, they will let me paint if i want (YAY), 2nd floor (which may be a slight problem when moving the futon. but thats ok too), no one lives on the first floor, my landlord/landlady seem sweet, and its closer to work and school. i mean really, i could keep going... i am thrilled.

so. packing and moving tomorrow and friday. i need help and trucks. b?? :)


havent talked to you in a while:) im so happy to hear you found a place hun. thats great! know i'd help you move if i was closer! lots of love.

12:53 AM  

yeah well. um. when mom saw where it was, and we saw that the previous tenant hadn't moved out, AND that the bathroom ceiling needed serious work... it was vetoed. in more ways than just mom obviously.
so um. i'm not moving now. and feel like a total idiot.

to say the very least.
i miss you. come home already.

6:19 PM  

It sounds beautiful. I've always wanted an apartment with hardwood floors...have yet to get one.

12:27 PM  

OH oops, didn't read the comments section before posting. Doh. Well, it sounds like an older apartment - which while they always seem really beautiful, usually end up to more of a hassle than it's worth.

12:29 PM  

ha ha ha
that's awesome.
there was also a drug bust going on down the street while we were there about to move me in.
mom nearly had a heart attack.
ha ha, yeah, so i'm back to searching.

12:59 PM  

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