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turtle rescues

on my way in this morning i'm driving down my road (which if you know the street you know it is busy and people drive way too fast on it) and saw a turtle on the side of the road. he hadn't gotten into the street yet, but i pulled over anyway...

i couldn't let him try to get across the street and end up dying because he was definitely going to get hit. so i went over and picked him up and carried him across the road (because you always take them in the direction they're headed in) and let me tell you, he was totally unamused with me. he tried, probably 10 times, to snap my fingers. he was unsuccessful because lets face it, his head can only stretch so far backward. regardless, he is safe on the other side now.

it reminded me of another time i was an accessory to a turtle rescue.

can't find the pictures right now, but libby and maria and markie were all in on it :) super fun. maria's back at camp too... .must make supreme effort to find really awesome things to send her. because you know, maria is pretty awesome.



8:56 AM  

what a cute story. glad to see you updated

2:04 PM  

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