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yay i've been tagged!

by sareet

5 Restaurants you never get tired of:
my mom's house. (which isn't a restaurant, but i always eat there)
lost dog
whole in the wall
-but they no longer have bread bowls of clam chowder. which is so dumb.

5 Places You’ve Lived:
binghamton ny (and surrounding areas)
leesburg va
rochester ny
stevensville md
arnold lake ny
( i say this because i lived there every summer of my life until i was about 17)

5 Movies you could watch over and over again:
mary poppins
wet hot american summer
bring it on
any harry potter
parent trap
(either the hayley mills version or the newer lindsay lohan version. they are both cute and hello, they're at camp!)
(if i can add a sixth-princess bride)

5 Books on your Nightstand:
september- rosemund pilcher
shell seekers- rosemund pilcher
(both of those are ALWAYS there, because i will pick them up to read at any time)
the luckiest girl- beverly cleary (old school, but makes me wish life was easier, and i can delve into to make it seem that way)
the autobiography of henry viii- ... can't recall her name. awesome.
current- pack of two-caroline knapp

5 Websites you visit daily:
:) clearly. (if i'm at school so i can sign online) (if i'm at church)

5 Places you like to shop:
pier 1
barnes & noble/borders
(i hate to admit it sometimes too, but i love the jeans)
any craft store (micheals, ac moore, joanns, etc)

5 People you would have over for dinner:
my grandparents (on my mom's side, esp. since i never met my grandfather.-doesn't say it has to be living people, if i could meet them, i would)
jennifer aniston get the real story
sareet, dooce, and the other kate so i can actually meet these girls

5 Jobs you’ve had:
nanny- virginia family
assistant to the pastor-cpc
dir. of religious edu.-st pauls
camp counselor- too many camps
night manager-lfc (known now as the vac at rwc)

5 Things you would do with a million dollars:
buy thornfield & reopen it & .. yeah.
donate $ to my camp in MD
new car
pay off bills
(mine & bro's)
give $ to my parents (esp. so my dad could retire soon)

5 Things you would rather be doing than what you’re suppose to be doing right now:
heck, i'm online puttering around, i'm pretty happy.
um, basking in the sunshine ooh! somewhere really warm with my friend stephen (since that's what we said we'd do when we win the lottery-close enough if i can do what i want)
ooh! if that's how i can be- winning the lottery
taking a nap
finishing my exam on friday

5 People you're tagging:
pip (even though he NEVER does these. whatever pippins)
(she needs a blog)



I haven't read that Beverly Cleary book, but I do love the Ramona series!

2:17 PM  

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