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i love pip.

for so many reasons. he's my friend, my confidante, the person i can call anytime for anything. he and b. have been keeping me sane through a stalker situation and the mess i'm in now.

i've been struggling so hard just to keep my head up. tears keep going, and i can't seem to get a grip on anything right now.

and then he tells me some really wonderful things that i wish i could copy and keep forever, but i'm at school and the aim system won't let me copy the words at all. stupid computers. .... but at least i can share this. if it means anything to anyone, and i hope it does, it might help explain where i am. ... i'm sorry i can't say more.

when a question has no correct answer, there is only one honest response. it lies in the gray area between yes and no... silence.
d. brown


Hope that you're ok or that you will be. Praying for you. Loveya

2:49 PM  

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