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some days it really is the little things that make life... life. make us know we're alive, that we hard moments come and they go, that life keeps flowing regardless of what we individually are seeing/going through/experiencing. sometimes that's the hardest. we plan for some moments and want to hang onto them forever, and other times we want to fast forward life so we can get through the pain faster. ...anyway, a few things that made me happy this weekend.

closing for happening #46.
deena, shimmy jimmy, joey 'hot' hamilton. (his name according to deena).
hearing that the search committee is meeting with some truly perspective candidates.
finding possible jobs in the health services field.
talking to my mom.
working with shane.
robot chicken.
that i'm still 29.
working on my 101 list. as in the writing, and actually being able to accomplish some things as i go along.
bio 132 and dr. wager.
sunset last night while driving home.
getting $ back from the gov't from my taxes. woo!
starting over tapes from susie.
bread lasagna. mmm.
blue eyes.


I remember seeing the first episode of Robot Chicken, and it said something about "if you can find the chinese restaurant in los angeles that has Robot Chicken on it, mail it in and you get some prize or whatever" (soemthing like that) - anyway, I KNOW THE RESTAURANT!!

7:36 PM  

that is hysterical. you should totally write to seth green and tell him that.
you might get to meet him!!
(he's so funny)

11:31 AM  

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