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so sometimes i find something that resonnates deep inside my soul... my heart... me.

kristi has great insight into herself. and sometimes she just really says something that really... well it just says it. it isn't that i'm right/you're wrong. it isn't a 'there was something wrong with you' it was more of a 'something wrong with us'.

and i'm still sorry.

even if you don't believe me.


You could have said something like that TO me. Explained it in your words instead of posting a link.

Irrelevant--I wasn't ever against doing things, you never asked after I had recovered from my surgery.

Honestly, we rarely discussed problems, in hindsight, I did my share of compromising.

I believe you are sorry, but, that doesn't change anything about what you did with the responsibility that I had given you for my life. Or that you lied to me, or that you went dead silent for 6 weeks, Being sorry doesn't make it OK.
I don't forgive you

11:47 AM  

hindsight always offers insights that seem obvious now. but back then, back when one was walking through the pain... it wasnt so obvious.

kate - you made a deciosion. you'll be ok.


8:44 PM  

Good for you being able to make a hard decision and stick with it. I'll be praying for you. These things are never easy

11:27 PM  

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