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march is here!!!!

and anyone who knows me well knows why i am SO EXCITED!!!!

i have a little story to tell...
on my wall in my office i have many pictures. some of my kids from here, some from VA, some from MD, some from rochester, and some pictures of myself and my friends and family from when i was a youngin. long long ago.
anyway, there is a picture of my brother that EVERYTIME i see it laugh. most people look at it and say 'what is he doing?' because unless you were there, it's not so apparent. stevn is in his car, and obviously has his mouth open and is laughing. but what's in his mouth... that's another story.
at the time the picture was taken, my brother and several of my friends had agreed to be part of a youth retreat i planned for my kids at conklin. we stopped at a mcdonalds on the way down because it was MARCH and everyone who loves MARCH knows what that means at mcd's.

oh yes.
that's right.

yeah baby.
so we stopped to get something to eat and some SHAMROCK SHAKES because it was MARCH! and were leaving. while we were all getting back into cars to get to our destination, steven began laughing at something or other and spit out some of his SHAMROCK SHAKE (which i can't even fathom doing, but whatever). he found this even funnier and commented on the look of it on the ground. from there, we all got into our vehicles, but as we were doing this, we noticed a family had dislodged from their vehicle nearby. and were looking toward steven with total disgust. my car turned around to look and saw steven, mouth open, SHAMROCK SHAKE spilling from his mouth. for whatever reason we all found this hysterical and so the picture was taken... steven in the driver seat of his little blue ford, the cwob was in the back with massive speakers, and green SHAMROCK SHAKE in steven's mouth.

needless to say, on close inspection it's icky, but it never fails to make me laugh.

and so we have now clearly discovered the reason for my joy of it being MARCH.
no, st.pat's day is great, but it's not that. it's not the fact that spring is coming, or the school year is almost over, though all those things are delightful as well. it is simply, and solely for the fact that mcdonalds has SHAMROCK SHAKES.

ahhh. sweet love.


Oh, how I love the shamrock shakes. What's also yummy is if you have the nice McD person mix in half with a chocolate shake. :)

12:37 PM  

Mm I love shamrock shakes which just made me crave one. The chocolate idea sounds good too

12:47 AM  

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