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books i'm reading

i need to keep up better with my lists over there. i did finish the overrun or whatever by ducks. which was hilarious. i've also been reading several books simultaneously. as i am currently. i just finished the robin pilcher book 'a risk worth taking' and re-reading the alchemist. if you haven't read the alchemist, i highly recommend it. just to refocus my own life has been good. and not having classes most of last week helped with that. :)

i'm now onto rosemund pilcher's 'winter solstice' which is excellent. i've only read one by her i didn't like, so i would pretty much say read her :) and as i someday hope to acquire a little furry bundle of joy, i'm reading about the before and after you get your puppy care. how to choose one, etc.
i've got a major love with jack russell's, but i know it's impractical as long as i live where i do. also, said bluntly, no self-respecting jack breeder would allow me to have one where i live. it's not against the house or the crazy landlady, but it's an issue with the non-closed in yard, lack of time i have to spend with a jack puppy, and so on...
and i'm reading 'i don't want to die an unfulfilled life'. rick's mom gave it to me to read, and i think ... well, i've been rethinking my own life a lot lately. and i think it's helping me with that focus thing.

also, since some people (leah) were antsy for updates even when they talk to me on AIM like every other day, i am adding movies i watched and would recommend to the list. (being that i'm in video now and watch movies like a fiend... look for it).


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