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saw proof over the weekend. (am loving my new position at wegs... woo for video!)
loved it. i really like jake gyllenhaal. and i loved the character of gwenyth paltrow's and anthony hopkins was great. i think i feel so much like her sometimes, ... so much like her character.. who oddly enough is named kathryn.

i've been so busy over the last few weeks. we've had a sub sale and my kids did the entire service on sunday morning. and it was really good. i think my kids, and myself, have really grown over the last year. it's amazing to see them. we laughed more than anything at rehearsal on saturday. and it made me adore them all the more. i am lucky, everyday, in the kids i have. i got a message from my leah today... she wants to be my valentine. ...i love her. :)

i think for me, this year has been one of depth and more growth than i imagined i would have in one year. i didn't see it while i was in the year, had too much happening, was struggling to find my place in my own life, but right now- i feel much more back to the person i wanted to be and much more comfortable in my own skin. even if i think i am a little insane (like kathryn).


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