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in rah-cha-cha

it's our two year anniversary tomorrow. i can't believe he's been this patient with me. for two years. no one else has succeeded in living with my chaos for that long outside of my family. woo for rick :)

today rick had a couple of classes and then we walked around his campus. then we went to my alma mater and i showed him where some things were and we went and got my transcripts sent to the wegs scholarship office. tomorrow i need to work on my essay for the scholarship and i think maybe i'll see val for a bit. we'll see how time works out. i want to go to the HOG to get a guitar strap too. and some more picks. i love that i'm learning guitar! (my fingers hurt a lot though. sheesh. any thoughts on how to deal with the constant numbness in my fingers would be helpful).

we also made yummy dinner (ok, rick made yummy dinner, i cut up veggies and did the dishes). i'm glad i took a couple of days off work to come up. as an aside, it feels like it did when we were first dating and he'd moved to rochester. new, exciting, happy. yay! i missed that.

would still have loved it if pippins were around the area so we could see him. stupid texas.


Hello! You were at your alma..aka my current college and you didnt even call me or notify me?? COME ON. I need to meet this Rick character. Hope you guys had a great anniversary

11:34 PM  

i didn't really call or notify anyone. (i'm sure jon-e and kris would not be happy with me either). i did call val and i did see mary o'flaherty, but really, that was all. i spent the weekend hanging out with rick, studying biology, and practicing my guitar. we are so boring. :)

12:00 PM  

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