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ow my boob!

for those that i didn't tell, which is pretty much everyone in my life, i had a biopsy on thursday.

it hurts. mostly, it hurts if i move, which is pretty much all the time because of course, i cannot sit still. so my left breast is in pain, not that i feel i need to take something, because as i said, it only hurts when i move my left arm too far away, or rotate it away from my body, or move it forward, or back. pretty much whenever it moves it induces pain.

the doctor (surgeon) thinks it's a lymph node. i think it was inside the breast tissue and not behind it and therefore cannot be a lymph node. but whatever, he's the doctor. i won't know anything till next week sometime, so there it is.

the last few days i've moved into my mom and stepdad's house. i've done next to nothing. i did go to my biology class yesterday, and i did shop a bit at sea hag soaps on the way home (rick's mom took me to class and brought me home). i've studied a little for the biology test on monday, and i've read a lot of newsweek, smithsonian, national geographic, and time. and chatted with mom and brently a lot too. so while i'm going through one of the most difficult weeks of my life, mom and brent are taking good care of me. thank goodness for them.

i also haven't worked since tuesday, and am suffering from what i think of as 'retired people's disease' (a good one that i actually look forward to having) - not having a clue what day of the week it actually is. for me, if i'm not in school, it must be a tuesday, thursday, or weekend, but then i should be working, so that means if i'm at wegs it's thursday or saturday, at the church then it's tuesday or sunday. having done none of these things or been in any of these places for 3 days now (except one class) i don't really know what day it is. sheesh.

anyway, i have more christmas shopping to do, i'm thankful rick comes home today, and i'm not looking forward to church sunday because i just don't want to go. i am turning into a slug.

one whose boob really hurts.

no one touch me!

don't hug me!

aaarrrgghhh stay away from my boob!


Oh wow - I thought you had mentioned a biopsy somewhere but you sort of brushed over it pretty quickly so I wasn't sure if I just misunderstood. It must be so scary, given your family history. I hope everything turns out okay. I'm thinking of you, girl!

8:42 PM  

Hope you get back to feeling better soon. When do you guys finish up for Christmas break?

11:25 PM  

Kate -

I hope things work out for you and your boob. I am praying that it will all turn out ok. Enjoy your short bout of retired people's disease as I'm sure it won't last, knowing you. Take care of yourself!

12:12 PM  

thanks ladies.
i'm ok, really. it hurts mostly because it's right under my arm (the huge gash of an inch and a half) (it feels bigger!). it should be nothing, but we won't know till later in the week.
i finish classes on thursday, last test. it's finals week here at bcc, so we're just starting them today, but i only have one during the finals week itself.

5:32 PM  

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