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finals, christmas, this week, yada yada yada

had the biology test yesterday, have calculated that i could have (but didn't) bombed it and still had a 93, which ensures me an A!!!!!!!!!!! woo! also, have chem test on thursday, last one. he must have dropped a lab, because his 'average' for me is 5 points higher than what i had... and i did have that one lab that was an 86... :) so i will assume he has and go with it. this also might be an A also. if it is, this will be the first time ever for A's in science, AND a 4.0 gpa. i am so excited it's sickening.

christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. i am losing weight (woo) and shopping like a crazy person. almost done, just stepdad, trish, and grandpa to buy for. and then we need to bake. a lot. for ...everyone. so we have that to do and will probably work on it tomorrow evening. and then we have presents to wrap and a tree to get and a dinner to prepare for christmas eve. any ideas for a veggie dish would be accepted. i think we've made everything we know how to make, and so are looking for something different. or at least i am. rick doesn't seem phased by this, he won't eat sweet potatoes or any kind of squash, so none of those in the recipies.

in other news, or a follow up to my last post, my boob doesn't hurt as much. having gone to school and work (where i made fruit baskets for 6+ hours - i didn't realize fruit baskets were such a hot seller), it's less ... accustomed to baby-ing and so has stopped inflicting sharp pains at every move. i will hear something later this week, supposedly, and honestly, could care less about what it is at this point, it's over and having survived surgery feel a whole new life coming on. :) it's kind of nice. (the aforementioned grades are certainly helping the cheerfulness i'm feeling). (ooh, and my brief conversation with my priest this morning which told me the vestry is happy with me and the programs we've got going, and this means a slightly more than 'cost-of-living' raise. which will help with the bills. yay! i might be able to pay all the rent at once! crazy landlady would appreciate it. i would appreciate if her plow-boys would actually plow so there wasn't 3 inches of solid ice in the driveway. we all can't get everything we want though....) the possiblity of breast cancer isn't necessarily more for me than anyone else, but i will be glad when the results come and this gash under my arm heals.

anyway, pretty much that's it. will have more to update later i'm sure.


You're a front row gunner in school huh? Congrads on being done with the semester!

11:13 PM  

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