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so what are you going to do?
i'm going to be sad and lonely.

today was spent packing a uhaul and taking rick back to rochester, then driving back with his dad and L. (stepmom).
the last week people have been asking me that question, repeatedly, when they discover that rick is going back to school in rochester, and i will be here. still. without him, ...again.

and that truly is the actual answer. rick and i, despite our lack of time we actually get to spend together lately, are together a lot. we don't go out with friends, or on our own much, we are together all the time. and so i will in fact be sad and lonely. and i have been trying to think of the things i can accomplish with him away, which will actually mean his christmas stuff will be bought/made/created/etc because he isn't here and i'm not hiding things. but it's so hard to think of that as a positive.

all i can say is that he and i miss each other something fierce. and even though he'll be home in three weeks, it still just plain bites. stupid rochester.


Aww I'm sorry Rick is moving so far away but maybe this means that you can come up here and have coffee with me sometime soon when you're visiting him. Maybe after both of our semesters end. Good luck with finals and stuff! miss you

6:47 PM  

I can relate (obviously).

I always try to cheer myself up by thinking of Projects To Do. Like, um, exercising (okay, not a project, but you can see where I'm going with this.) How about learning how to speak Japanese? And learning how to make crepe suzette (I don't even know what those are)? And making a fake head of Rick out of paper mache? See. Lots of stuff to keep yourself occupied until you guys are back together.

Or you can be like me, and drink wine out of a can and watch Cheers on DVD. Also an option.

2:32 PM  

sareet - i'm more inclined to go with bottled margaritas and friends.... except my tv blew up on monday morning.... so when i swipe one from rick's dad i'm totally there with you. :)

10:20 PM  

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