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(copied from jen gray, she said i could)


the nice girl.

she comforts.
she mothers.
she is a nurse
and a teacher
and for some she is a fix.

she is an eternal caretaker and she cleans up the messes.

she is a band aid.

she listens.
and listens.
and listens.

and she keeps quiet.
she behaves.
she tip toes.

she nurtures
she is kind
she smiles even when she is dying inside.

she gives
she gives
and she gives.

and god forbid if she doesnt wear the hat.
she has worn it for so long that people
expect and demand the outfit.

in fact she is unsure if she would even be recognized without it.

but she is tired..........

i have asked the nice girl to take a leave of absence.

because she gets in the way
of my needs
of my voice
of my deep dreams to be free and honest.

the nice girl is fucking getting on my nerves.'

she wrote it, but i AGREE MORE THAN I COULD EVER SAY.
thank you jen gray.


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