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he moves on sunday. out of the house. away from me. back to 3 hour drives just to see my sweetness.
it sucks.

so i thought today i'd try to focus on what is ok with him being in rochester and not beside me in the house. (these are what i won't miss)

1. the alarm going off at 5:30 in the morning waking me up when i went to bed at 12:30 the 'night' before and have to be in class at 9 am and sleep is very precious to me.
2. the shoes all over the house.

...umm, that's it. i have to say, for all the bitching i've been doing last week, i don't have much to complain about at home.
what i will miss...
1. waking up next to him.
2. getting into bed when i'm all cold and he's gotten the bed warm
3. backrubs, foot rubs, knee rubs
4. dinner
5. coming home to every light in the house on, and the heat blasting, and the kitchen being exposed to the rest of the house (in case you've missed my ranting about the kitchen and heat, our kitchen does not keep heat in EVER. when it's 100 outside, it's less than 50 in the kitchen. which would be nice, except it always feels freezing).
6. breakfast
7. watching family guy together
8. watching antiques roadshow together
9. eating dinner together while shouting answers at alex trebek
10. making dinner together
11. we eat a lot. this accounts for my weight gain. ooh! so that is something i won't miss!!
12. that he runs a hot tubby for me so i can get warm after working outside for 6 hours and am frozen
13. the cukerbits situation. i guess i can't miss it, since they now live on the porch, but it's not the same as when he's here
14. that the recycling was always taken out before i got home on monday nights
15. naps
16. coming home to him
17. having his arms to hug me every day
18. help with my chemistry homework
19. hearing about lm
20. grocery shopping together
21. snuggling in together to watch a movie
22. his blaming everything on beary
23. and pookie (the bear that belongs to beary, our bear)
24. sunday afternoons, when i don't have to run off somewhere and he comes home from work and we do nothing
25. washing dishes together
26. how he listens
27. the way he looks at me when i'm telling him something about my day
28. that he cares about how my day was and is there to hear about it
29. starting my car for me on cold days
30. fixing my car for me
31. kissing him goodbye everyday
32. kissing him hello everyday
33. his help with my church projects. the sculpey llama rocks.
...and these are things we've done just this last week. i don't know what it will be like, because i can't remember what it was like before he was here with me.

i do know it wasn't as much fun. and even though this has been one of the hardest things we've done, living in one small house together, it's been the best. and every day i'm thankful. i am so lucky to have a guy that loves me like he does.

i love you sweetness.


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