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bitch bitch bitch

i think that's about all i've done for 3 days. maybe just two, but i think it's three.

here's the laundry list. in short.

-i have 3 exams on monday. i am only in 2 classes at school.
-rick is moving back to rochester in 2 weeks.
-i am a millions miles behind everyone in the quilting class. (or i was, till i got a little closer tonight)
-i am, AGAIN, going with rick's mom to stamp camp tomorrow night-when i should be studying- but have gotten my mom involved, and thereby i must go. because although s. is very understanding and knows i have far too much going on, and would be ok with me not going, i really have to now.
-i have a LOT of studying to do for both my lecture test for bio and the chem test.
-i am stressed about the breast thing.
-the church sucks. way more than they should.
-people at wegs are rude because 1)it's going to snow this week and they're freaking out, & 2) christmas is in 4+ weeks, and they freak out about that. so they're rude, snobbish, and obnoxious. and apparently i am no longer a human being but scum of the earth because i am a cashier at wegmans.
-we never win mega millions. (but that's a stupid thing)
-i am a girl. like i am every month. and i don't need this now.
-my stomach is not where it should be.

and really, that's it, but it seems like and feels like so much more. all i want is to be able to be in school without working 2 jobs like i am. this church is really the unhealthiest place i've ever worked. i want out.


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