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so i travel through blogs, and re-found my friend val via pip. she has a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. i used to have a list of things i wanted to do before i die, but haven't paid much attention to it in probably 5 years. so i thought i would try this one and see what happened. it will cause me to have an end date, and thereby a goal of when i need to accomplish this all by.
so ... i'm going to start on my birthday, because i think it's an appropriate day to begin. (or i was going to start it then.... but as i'm still writing this list, i guess it will have to wait until i get the list itself done.)
this is the 'top of my head list' and will be re-ordered, as was val's, to make some sense (categorically).
so far...

1. i'd like to visit ireland
2. and the west coast
3. i want to write and be published
4. and paint/knit/photograph/something arty and have it displayed
5. get married
6. thereby -- plan my wedding to rick,, need to be engaged first... but still
7. walk/run in the breast cancer 5k
8. finish school (again)
9. go to MD and VA to visit
10. quit the church job (even though sunday went well, i still think i'm on my way out) sooner rather than later

11. get a dog
12. start a new blog to deal with my progress about this, and what would be really great is a photoblog, thereby --
13. need a digital camera
14. attached to quitting one job, find another, really good job, that allows me to stay in school, and has benefits and all that jazz
15. visit mari and shaun in nashville

~ i think for now, as i have class in about 30 min. and should be reading, i will work on it and update soon. as well, will link val's website to here, and the author of 101 in 1001. as i update, i will add the date of the new postings.
and at some point will relocate all to a new site. sometime.

a p.s. happy birthday shaun! (two days late, but i did send an ecard in time for our big day! yay big mister!) ~

16. remember and acknowledge the birthdays and anniversarys of the family and friends
17. lose the weight that plagues me
18. figure out what i'm actually allergic to (food-wise) and cut it out of my diet (if it's sugar, i'm in big trouble)
19. walk @ least 3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time, and keep it up for 6 months (thereby making it a habit) (even if i worked outside that day) ~ my doc told me i have to walk 30 min a day, every day, so that will be the new goal.
20. make a serious effort to get back in touch with those people i have been 'looking' for -- as in find them, and really communicate to them. (karrie, kate, sydney, jen, alicia, deanna, giles, and carly-- i have managed to keep in better touch with chris and his wife :) yay)

21. learn to play the guitar --good enough that i can play at the next NB weekend
22. learn sign language --well enough to have at least short conversations with the bakery guys at wegs -start learning and be able to have that conversation within 6 months
23. get the big bills paid off - med, college, utilities
24. move out of this apartment
25. get all the pants i have to wear high, high heels with shortened to my leg length
26. keep the clutter under control
27. keep up with the mail
28. find another author i really love
29. have all the parents over for dinner
30. finish this darn list... i didn't think this would be so hard

~ and added notes from sept. 20-- i am writing things in here that i think might in fact be possible in 1001 days (about 2 and 3/4 years). there may end up being a few that for a while are pipe dreams, but i will try to be dreaming and yet realistic. we'll see how this goes. :) also, will be altering things a bit (in italics) to be more specific...

sept. 22 ~
31. organize the closet - get rid of everything i don't wear EVER, keep the few things i hope to wear again (honestly hope to), and generally make it MUCH neater, including putting shoes i don't wear often (anything not sneakers or sandals) in boxes, labeled.
32. see 'Rent' -both the musical and the movie (in nov!)
33. buy art that i really love.
34. rick and i will start our own family traditions, christmas-ness, thanksgiving, easter chaos in particular...
35. give blood again, since i used to in VA all the time, i need to again here.
36. write a will, organize my life so my family isn't left with any questions, ever.
37. knit more scarves, and learn to knit more than just scarves
38. start 'dating' rick again.
39. organize ALL of my craft stuff.
40. learn how to make the perfect granola, and make it often

41. have a party in celebration of friendship
42. enjoy one entire blue hour in honor of my friend mark. and try to find him too.
43. get my favorite sweater back from kc
~ sept. 23
44. stay in better touch with friends where we email once in a year... the cwob, stacey, zack, etc.
45. get at least a B in my biology class (which means i need to get at least that on every test)


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