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school, church, the whole kit and kaboodle.

at school, amidst my worry-ing-ness, i've managed to end up with chemistry grades of (labs) 100, 97, 97, 97 and a test of 93. in biology i've gotten a 94 on our first test and 100 on the first lab exam. i have to say, i must be doing something right. i have never had grades like this in sciences. so i'm pretty excited and very happy with myself. i've also learned that my biology prof. is the hardest professor this school has, and honestly, he's tougher than almost any professor i've had... i will say that probably dr. livermore was harder on us, and dr. jackson was tough to keep up with. neither of whom went to such lengths to help us though either.

the church dealy isn't bad. we've gotten through one rotation of the worm and the kids are loving it. we have now, this week, gone up to 16 kids in the younger grades (prek-6) from about 7. more than doubling in one week is pretty awesome. and they are all excited.
this morning in fact, one of the families went to the early service (dad was lay reader) and the youngest, my buddy chris, told his dad he HAD to be back in time for sunday school. :) love him!

so overall, despite allergies wreaking havoc on my sinuses and the ongoing struggle to get people on board, life is so good.

rick is the best as a side note. i am the luckiest girl ever. i love him. :)

oh! the 101 in 1001 is on it's own page. go here. the list isn't completed. but it's close. will be up soon, with some of the things already begun. woo. :)


I missed you at homecoming. Two years in a row is just not acceptable. I hope school is going well. I miss your updates.

9:47 PM  

Hey how's it going?

When you talk about the church thing and the worm, what does that refer to?

I'm helping teach an adult confirmation class at my church, and if you have something awesome you are doing that we can borrow from, then I am all ears...

Congrats on your awesome grades:)

5:27 PM  

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