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"kate will be working on the classrooms getting them decorated and prepared for the workshops on wednesday evening at 6pm. anyone who would like to help or learn more about the worm is invited to join her!"

now, i realize it was a blanket invite. and it said i would be here working. and i am. what i didn't think was that NO ONE WOULD SHOW UP. which makes me question, why am i killing myself trying to get things done on time when no one else cares about the program? if they don't care about our kids and the sunday school program, then why am i still here?

moreover, if they don't care, why should i?

the answer is of course that my kids are my life, and that includes all of them down to the littlest ones. and i would do anything for them and desire the best for them. and i believe that this program is the best for them, and thereby i am here working on it.

but if they don't want it, then why am i still working here when i could be working a normal job, where i don't go home at the end of the night and keep working, and stressing about the program?

as a side note, or an added note, i have ONE person signed up to teach the first rotation. rick's stepmom. now she loves kids and teaching, but she also *smile* loves me. and that's why she's teaching. that's why she's signed up.

why haven't i quit this job? seriously...

(i will now resume working on the classrooms/workshops getting them semi-ready for opening in 2 weeks. not that anyone around here cares. grrrrrrrrrr)


That sucks. It's always how it goes though. The people that care the most are the ones that get the shaft and end up doing the most work. But this is why the kids love you.

Have things gotten better?

7:48 PM  

honestly not really. i am driving an hour today to visit some churches who are doing this program, on my own. and i have letters to mail out and a bunch of other things to do, all before sunday school starts on sept. 11, but i am now in school, and so it's harder to find time. i haven't done anything for either one (my classes or the church) for the last 24 hours because my classes started yesterday and i had to work at my other job.
i wish i didn't whine, i don't want to whine. i'm just so frustrated. ack!
thanks for asking :) that was sweet!

8:01 AM  

How did classes go? Hows your first week? What are you taking. I can't believe I am a senior this year and now you're going back to school. Hope its going well. I'm praying for you

10:31 PM  

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