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back to school, back to school...

wednesday was my second day of classes. i am taking human biology (which has the name of anatomy and phisiology at any other college, don't ask why it's different) and chemistry. both of which so far have just required reading and a little homework and i love my professors. they are so cute. cute not in the sense that rick needs to be concerned, cute as in my grandfather is cute. actually, i take that back. i love my grandpa, but i've never thought of him as cute. .... hmmm, but cute in the way he would be had i ever thought about it before. except also, that they are much younger than my grandfather, but i think of him as still being in his later 60's for some reason. despite the fact that he's now in his 80's and he and my grandmother celebrated 61 years of marriage last year. crazy isn't it.

so wednesday afternoon i had my bio lecture. all went well, i took notes, i enjoyed class, i left school, drove home to drop off all school stuff and pick up things needed for church, talked my mom's ear off on the way, and realized, upon arriving home, that my biology book was not in my bag. drove all the way back to school (keep in mind, gas prices shot up on wed. to just under $3 for regular and my school is about 15-ish miles away.) and then waited outside the lecture hall for 25 minutes with my car parked illegally out front for the class in there to let out. they finally did, i went in and searched for my book. to no avail. i asked the prof. who was in the room if anyone had handed him a book, nothing. so i went upstairs to human services, talked to a very nice woman who made a couple of phone calls for me (one was to the bookstore to see if anyone tried to sell a bio book in the last hour, good thinking!) and then told me, his office is across the hall.

duh kate. had i remembered this, i would have caught him during the half hour i was waiting and possibly gotten my book. ....there was one sitting on his desk, but of course he was in lab, and i still do not have my book, 2 days later.

i had left him a note, and called his office 4 times yesterday, on breaks from work, and apparently his voice mail is not working (?) or up and running. oi.

i can't wait till i got to class today and he tells the entire hall all about not leaving your books behind, expensive etc. maybe he won't, but i have a feeling he'll use this as a teaching point. i like him a lot, but he doesn't seem the guy to let any teachable moments slip by.

is this ANY sign of how my mind is so stressed out over the church that i can't function? yes. because never in my 4 years of roberts did i lose a book, misplace a book, or ever need to replace my books which is good. ...but i was never this stressed out. argh.


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